CRESST Collaboration

The CRESST collaboration combines about 60 physicists from eight institutes.
For more information about the individual institutes, please refer to the respective institute pages.

Collaboration Structure

Committee Chairs


Federica Petricca

Federica Petricca

Institution: MPI
Email: petricca(at) 

Collaboration Board Chair

Jochen Schieck

Institutions: HEPHY, TU Wien
Email: jochen.schieck(at) 

Editorial Board Chair

Josef Jochum

Institution: Universität Tübingen
Email: josef.jochum(at)


Technical Coordinator

Paolo Gorla

Institution: LNGS - INFN
Email: paolo.gorla(at) 

Analysis Coordinator

Christian Strandhagen

Institution: Universität Tübingen
Email: christian.strandhagen(at)

Simulation and Screening Coordinator

Valentyna Mokina

Institution: HEPHY
Email: valentyna.mokina(at)